Intruder Alarms & CCTV for the Home & Business


Home security is a growing part of the aerial and satellite engineers work. They fit quite nicely as a bolt on for the aerial fitter, or it can bring in the main stay of work and income for the business. With most of the wholesalers from which the aerial fitters buy from also supplying CCTV equipment and security alarms, it is an easy niche for the aerial fitters to move on into.

The type fo cameras supplied tend to be easy to install HD cameras for a small business or home CCTV system. These systems are fairly easy to install and come with a PVR recorder that can be accessed by mobile phone anywhere in the world. The PVR is connected to the cameras, and this, in turn, is connected via ethernet cable to the homes own internet. It is a handy piece of kit, and being able to view the images coming from the CCTV cameras is a nice feature & one which can help swing the deal with any potential customer.

Intruder Alarms

cctv-camerasAlong with CCTV cameras and systems, some suppliers are also selling full intruder alarm systems for home and business. These can also come as wireless intruder alarm systems for both the home or business. Most popular are the wireless versions since they can be fitted very easily, with the least amount of mess. Their power comes from lithium batteries that can last well over 3 years without needing to be changed. The only part of the kit that needs hard wiring into the electricity supply is the keypad & the external alarm box.

As with the CCTV cameras, having an active alarm box fitted in a prominent position, acts as a good deterrent to would-be thieves and opportune burglars. Along with the security cameras that operate as good at night using their infra red ability, the wireless motion detectors are also able to work in both day and night time conditions. There is also the ability to set the sensors in such a way as to not pick up the movement of pets when the alarm is set in the night time when everyone is in bed.

Not only will adding the service of providing security alarm systems to your list of services add both to the amount of extra work coming in, but also your income too. For more info on Security Alarms visit TomTec for a full rundown of alarms available.

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Know All About Satellite TV In The UK

There are satellites which are providing direct-to-home satellite TV in the UK. In case you try to look at them from the ground, they will appear stationary. But this is not true. This is evident from the fact that once you have fitted and satellite TV dish, it will never have to be moved. It is because these transmitting satellites are in a ‘geostationary orbit’ right above the equator.

The satellite TV in the UKis highly popular. This is why channels are being broadcast from various satellites. And each of these satellites has a different coverage area on the ground, which is also known as a ‘satellite footprint”.

Installation Of Satellite Dish

The Government of England and Wales has stated some good practices on the installing of these satellite television dishes. It has also been agreed by all the representatives of the satellite television industry along with the local planning authorities. These will help to protect the environment by not putting up unnecessarily large or poorly sited dishes.

sky dish on chimneyBefore fitting a dish, it is important to take the building consent or the owner’s consent. Make use of authorized installers only. The dish should not be larger than the minimum which is required in order to get good reception. The dish should always be set up in an inconspicuous place where the neighbors and public are not able to see it.

The satellite dish should never exceed the height of the building it goes on and never site it in front of your house as you would be spoiling the look of your house as well as of the neighborhood. The dish you select must blend in with the background in order to look inconspicuous. Focus on the most environmental friendly option and not the cheapest one.

Do note that technology of satellite TV  continues to evolve all the time. Hence be aware of the various systems available in the market so that you are able to make an informed choice.

Make sure that your dish installed on the roof does not protrude beyond the highest part of that roof. In case you are installing on a chimney stack, ensure that the dish is exceeding 45cm in size. Besides, it must not be higher than the stack. Just keep these simple tips in mind while you are siting your satellite TV dish in the UK. For SakyDish Installation in the Manchester area click



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couple watching freesat.jpg

Freesat To Provide You Entertainment

With Freesat you would be able to watch all kinds of shows and programs on various channels. This is a satellite service which will beam data into the homes of people. This is a service providing you great quality entertainment.

Installing Freesat

In case you are already having a satellite dish that is working well, just connect your TV or your new Freesat box to it. Plug it into your dish by using the existing cables. You simply need to follow the various on screen instructions here. In order to access all the on-demand services,  you need to connect to the broadband network also.

In case you want to have a new satellite dish installed, arrange this with a local Freesat box retailer. A standard dish installation will have two feeds to your box. This means that you can record one channel while you are watching another one. You can also opt for a basic Freesat box that does not record. In case you have multiple TVs, you can opt for Freesat in more than a single room. There is no fee charged for features like pause, rewind, record or various on-demand services. Freesat is a good option in case you want other connections for the additional rooms in your house.

In case you are looking for good quality entertainment, then Freesat is the ideal choice for you. You get a huge number of quality channels. This means that no matter what kind of genre you are looking for, you will find it here. Next, it is known for its good quality transmission. This means that you can be assured of good picture quality.

It is a highly affordable satellite TV service. This means that now you can watch all the TV programs of your choice from the comfort of your home at very low rates. There is a dedicated customer service to take care of your complaints. Hence in case of any problems of any kind, you will have a friendly and responsible customer service staff to take care of it.

It is due to all these features that Freesat has become a favored choice amongst so many UK customers today. People are enjoying the quality of their services as well as their affordable rates. Besides, you can even use your existing satellite dish which means that there is no need to spend further in buying another one!

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A Lot Of Options From Sky TV

When you are choosing Sky TV, you are basically choosing entertainment at its best. This means that in case you are switching over to Sky Broadband, you do not have to worry about anything. This is because Sky TV will take care of everything for you as they have a Switch Squad for this exact purpose. You can choose from a variety of options. These include unlimited usage, high internet speed and so on. All this is available to you at highly competitive rates. Also, you will not have to wait for long while this switchover is taking place. All this will just take a few minutes and then you would be able to make use of your broadband services like before.

With Sky TV, you get to watch a host of programs. They have more than 350 box sets for you to choose from. This means that all your favorite TV programs are now available in the form of box sets so that you do not miss out on any episodes. This can be drama, comedy, action or anything else. Besides, new ones are being added constantly. Hence you would be having a lot to watch all the time.

You are having practically all the channels that you ever wanted to watch on Sky TV, and rather more. Whether it is comedy, music, movies, cartoons, knowledge, news, sports or even International, you can get all these here. There is the option of HD as well as Sky 3D also. This means that no matter what you are looking for in terms of entertainment, you will find it here. So now there is no need to go to a theatre or stand in queues or spend too much money out there. Now you can simply stay at home as great entertainment is right here at your fingertips.

This is not just any other form of satellite TV network. There is a lot else that has been packed in for you. This includes the Catch Up TV which allows you to view any episode of any of your favorite programs that you may have missed out on during the past 30 days. In addition are the 3D and the HD facility which brings you more precision and a higher quality of viewing. So now you can enhance your quality of entertainment this way!

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Whats the Best Satellite Receiver to use?

There are a number of satellite meters available to buy from amazon or eBay or other reputable online stores. There are good reasons for an amateur to own their own sat finders, one being if they are using a satellite dish on their caravan or mobile home. The average caravanner uses some sort of aerial or satellite to be able to watch TV in their caravan. Many use cheap sat finders bought for less than £10. Then, there are the satellite meters used by professionals which can cost many 100’s of pounds.

So we shall gather 5 satellite meters to have a look at and give an overall review of these meters and hopefully advise which is going to be the best for you.

satlink ws 9606Satlink WS-6906

We are reviewing this meter, that is made in china because it is affordable to the average caravan enthusiast. We are looking at the functions and usability of the meter to give an open and honest view. Although the functions on this meter are very good and give the user a great ability to program and pick up potentially any satellite signal the dish is pointing to, it is flawed because the instructions that come with it are virtually incomprehensible and so leaves it up to the user to try to guess how it works and its functionality. It is therefore, one to avoid

triplet sat meter 2triplet sat meter 2

This is the kind of meter that you would expect to see being used to line up a satellite dish on a tripod in a campsite. They are relatively inexpensive and are very easy to use. They are sensitive enough to start to show a signal reading once the dish is getting close to the signal source and it makes the whole process a simple one.

sf 9505A satellite metersf 9505A satellite meter

Again this is another small and easy to use sat finder. This one has the inbuilt compass which is essential if you are wanting to avoid locking on to a foreign satellite. It has a digital display that shows the signal strength and also an inbuilt light and buzzer that goes off when a signal has been found. Price wise it is a few pounds more than the Triple sat but if you like to have a little bit more functionality, then it would be one to go for.

kkmoon satellite meterkkmoon satellite meter ws-6908

With the KK Moon sat finder you have a 3.5″ lcd display with an arayof features that help you to lock on and to find the strongest signal, by breaking it down to both the horizontal and vertical bandwidths. This allows the dish to by move either up or down towards the position which brings in the best reception. Again the instructions are not the best for reading but it is better than many that come from china

agptec satellite meteragptec satellite meter

This is almost the same as the other digital meter we have previously discussed. The difference with this one is the sensitivity of the meter. It can detect the slightest of signals which in the long run helps the amateur to find the correct satellite and line it up to receive a good quality signal.

All in all if the purpose of using the meter is for personal use and with that we mean using to line up your mobile satellite dish whilst on the campsite I would recommend using the cheaper palm size devices since these offer the ease of use and affordability that would suit its purpose of use. If the meter is being used for commercial reasons then it would be worth taking a look at the Horizon meters for their ease of use and durability.

Horizon satellite meter  Horizon satellite meter

How to Line up a Satellite Dish

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Getting the Best TV Aerial for Digital Television in Your Area

The United kingdom has begun to change from free-to-air television analogue signals to digital signals. This is new since This summer, 2010. Since that time, a few of the regions happen to be hit with this particular change and also the government takes steps to pay for the whole country through the finish of 2013.

Professional aerial installation may be the next factor viewers may wish to take a look at although this switch is within progress. It’s beneficial to understand about the transition and get ready for rid of it ahead of time to prevent any interruption inside your services. You may also need to alter the TV model and purchase a new TV antenna. If you’re prepared ahead of time, you’ll save some cash and become in front of everybody else and steer clear of the mad hurry prone to occur.

Must you buy a new TV while going digital?

With respect to the type of the Television set you use, you might want to result in the change to a TV suitable for receiving digital signals. Most of tv aerials for digitalthe older Televisions are just suitable for analogue signals. You should check the compatibility of the Television set with digital signals by examining the funnel One HD around the Television set. Whether it creates your Television set, you might not have to use a new antenna to get digital signals. You can purchase a brand new TV suitable for digital signals or purchase a video recorder or perhaps a tuner to carry on utilizing the same looking for the implemented changes. Based on your financial allowance, you may either result in the change with a brand new digital TV or simply purchase a tuner to aid digital signals. If you want an assist with new digital tuners and digital TVs, there are a variety of quality professionals around the main metropolitan areas who are able to help in addition to staff within the major stores.

If you don’t possess a digital antenna, you may want to purchase one if you wish to view your preferred programs because when analogues signals are dropped completely, you might not have the ability to view any programs using the analogue aerials. Thus, the upgrade is your best option to follow the services as before.

We’ve got the technology is creating a rapid progress and most of the existing channels go Hi-def, meaning you are able to only view these channels whenever your antenna works with digital signal reception. Hi-def channels are clearer compared to standard definition channels and you’ll have a much better viewing experience with similar. If you have a hd tv along with a digital TV aerial, the mixture provides you with the very best viewing experience. You can begin searching for that options to be able to decide over time, which suits the finest.

Freeview Television Channels

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